Healthcare Transformation

Driving innovation and digital transformation in healthcare

Industry Overview

The healthcare and medical industry is undergoing structural changes influenced by factors such as the COVID pandemic, aging populations, and technological advancements. Digital healthcare and digital therapy have emerged as crucial initiatives leading industry development. Digital healthcare encompasses a wide range of aspects, including Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), the application of AI/ML in medical software, cybersecurity, mobile healthcare applications, health information technology, wireless medical devices, and telemedicine. These aspects integrate technologies such as AI, big data, cloud computing, edge computing, 5G, and more to enhance medical efficiency and patient experiences.

Future Trend

The future of healthcare is embracing transformative trends, with Digital Therapeutics (DTx) expected to gain prominence and become a focal point. Digital therapeutics, as software applications developed for patients, aim to assist in treatment, prevention, or management of diseases, verified through clinical validation to ensure efficacy. Digital therapeutics leverage digital tools, including mobile devices, applications, sensors, virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc., to induce behavioral changes in patients, support self-symptom management, and enhance quality of life and other clinical outcomes. Additionally, the application of blockchain technology in data security and privacy is anticipated to be a future development direction, ensuring the security of patient data and promoting secure sharing and exchange of medical data.


WITS collaborates with global enterprises to drive digital healthcare innovation, offering services in software design, development, testing, project management, and operations. We specialize in areas such as automated clinical analysis, medical image algorithms, revenue forecasting, AI, data science, and cloud deployment. Committed to digital healthcare, we empower clients to navigate the changing landscape and achieve a competitive edge in the industry's future.

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