Integrity Management

To implement integrity management, the Company has established the “Procedures for Preventing Insider Trading,” “Code of Conduct,” and “Code of Integrity,” and continues to promote the Company's principles and concepts of integrity operations.

Integrity Management Implementation

The Company has established the “Procedures for Preventing Insider Trading,” “Code of Conduct,” and “Code of Integrity,” which are disclosed on the official website. To robustly manage integrity, the HR & Administration Division is responsible for formulating and overseeing the implementation of integrity management policies and prevention programs. A report on the operational status for the year is presented to the Board of Directors annually. The operation status for the year 2023 was reported to the Board of Directors on November 7, 2023.

The Company has a specific whistleblowing system in place to proactively prevent dishonest behavior. Anyone who discovers conduct violating ethical standards can report directly to the highest supervisor of the HR & Administration Division, the highest supervisor of the Audit Office, the Chairman, or through the employee complaint channel. In business transactions with partners, contracts signed with suppliers stipulate adherence to the Company’s Code of Conduct and Code of Integrity. Companies violating principles of integrity and probity will be dealt with severely, with potential reduction or termination of their partnership with the Company, depending on the severity of the violation.

New employees and newly appointed managers must undergo ethical/integrity training on their first day, and existing employees receive at least annual education on the “Code of Integrity,” “Procedures for Preventing Insider Trading,” and related laws. Additionally, each quarter, internal announcements continuously promote the Company's employee ethical behavior, integrity principles, complaint channels, and mailboxes. This year's in-service training courses, from October 16 to October 31, 2023, provided education to current managers and employees on topics including corporate governance and risk management, compliance with integrity operation regulations, confidentiality and handling of internal information and material information, and explanations of insider trading formation, identification process, and transaction examples. Relevant legal information and course presentations and video files were also made available on the internal employee service system. 6,302 employees attended the training for a total of 6,302 hours, of which, new recruit trained by e-learning and was 100% trained during this year. In addition, the signing rate for the commitment to follow the “Code of Conduct” and “Principles of Integrity” also reached 100%.

The Company has a whistleblower mailbox for employees, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders to report illegal activities. All cases are assigned to a dedicated audit department and personnel for investigation and handling under the principle of confidentiality protection.

Whistleblower Mailbox: