Join WITS, Enhance Your Potential
WITS Vision

The vision of WITS is "to use IT technology as the core, working together with clients to achieve a better world." In the IT service industry, talent is the foundation. As an industry leader, it's not only necessary to address the shortage of IT professionals in Taiwan's labor market, but also to continuously promote the development of an international talent ecosystem. Therefore, we actively cultivate key talent and continually enhance the career value of our team, ensure that every employee can excel in their appropriate fields and create self-value. We look forward to you joining the WITS team, starting your personal career development connected with the international sphere.








WITS' business locations span Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, and North America, offering the opportunity to interact with teams and colleagues from different countries and cultures. Joining WITS, you will have:

  • Cross-regional and cross-cultural professional exchange and learning opportunities.
  • Opportunities to apply for overseas positions, expanding your horizons globally.
  • Participation in projects with internationally renowned and Fortune 500 companies.

"People" are the fundamental cornerstone of WITS.

WITS upholds a people-oriented spirit. We treasure our talent, focusing on developing diverse recruitment channels, strengthening talent training, perfecting employee services, and implementing talent development strategy. This ensures that everyone can be placed in a role that suits their abilities and excels in a field they are passionate about.

Workplace Culture

Diversity, Equality,


WITS values diversity and inclusiveness and has inclusive policies and support networks. The ratio of male to female managers is 1:1, ensuring no glass ceiling in talent development and offering every employee equal promotion opportunities. Additionally, nearly 40% of our employees are under 30, providing a vibrant stage for talent to showcase their strengths and carve their own niche.


Prioritizing Physical

and Mental Health

WITS places physical and mental health a top priority. Through psychological counseling, flexible working hours, and vacation policies, we ensure a "Happy & Healthy" work environment that achieves a balance between work and life.


Listening to

Colleagues' Voices

WITS encourages thinking outside the box and contributing creative ideas, keeping the organization in step with the times and continuously promoting innovation and positive growth. We have an official LINE account, Chat 8855, where employees can ask company-related questions anytime and anywhere. Responses are provided either by AI or transferred to a specialized contact person for further communication assistance, ensuring timely support in resolving issues.

Promoting Sustainable Talent Development
While developing internal talent, WITS also actively collaborates with industry, government, and academia to create comprehensive talent training programs and share knowledge and experience. Together, we enhance the professional perspective of the industry and cultivate more talent with innovative capabilities and diverse competitiveness.