Core Value

"Client Centric," "Integrity," "Innovation," and "Excellence" are the core values of WITS (Wistron ITS). We maintain an attitude of integrity, committed to being a long-term and trustworthy partner for our clients.

Continuously enhancing service depth and through digital innovation, we practice cross-border delivery in multiple markets, assisting clients in maintaining a leading position in the market.

With a spirit of pursuing excellence, we respond to market changes, keep pace with industry advancements, and work together with our clients to achieve a better world.

Digital Innovation and ESG
Business philosophy

With over 30 years of industry experience, WITS (Wistron ITS), excels in researching cutting-edge technologies, streamlining global delivery for international projects, and enhancing corporate management. We deliver high-quality, innovative services, collaborating with clients in diverse fields and markets to ensure their success through scientific thinking and digital management.

Our Workplace
People-Centric, "Happy & Healthy", and Inclusive

At WITS, we foster transparent, open, and respectful communication channels, empowering our team to leverage their strengths, excel in their fields, and achieve a healthy work-life balance. With engineers comprising approximately 75% of our workforce, we're committed to removing barriers, eliminating biases based on gender, age, and ethnicity, and nurturing a diverse talent pool. Our commitment is reflected in every aspect of our company culture.

Corporate Governance and Sustainable Growth
Sustainable Growth

We work to make our Board of Directors more diverse, improve how we communicate with stakeholders, and enhance our institutional regulations. We're committed to keeping our promises to clients, protecting shareholder rights, and running our operations sustainably—reflecting good corporate governance. At the same time, we focus on identifying and managing risks, making our operations more resilient, and ensuring steady growth even as the industry evolves.

In our pursuit of excellence, we are collaborating closely with top global clients, innovating towards a future vision, and creating a better world.