About This Report

Sustainable Excellence | Key Performance Indicators | Message from the Management

Advancing Sustainable Governance

Vision and Significance of Sustainable Development | Framework and Operational Mechanism for Sustainable Governance | Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality Analysis

Stakeholder Communication | Materiality Boundary | Management Policies for Critical Issues

Operations and Governance

Introduction to WITS | Core Services | Global Presence | Economic Performance | External Organizational Involvement

Corporate Governance | Risk Management | Information Governance | Customer Privacy

Innovation and Partnership

Innovation and Service Offerings | Customer Service Excellence | Sustainable Supplier Management

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Management and Regulatory Compliance | Energy Management | Greenhouse Gas Emission Management

Water Resource Management | Waste Management

Workplace Well-being and Social Involvement

Workplace Well-being and Social Involvement

Talent Sustainable Development | Supportive Workplace Environment | Employee Development and Career Growth | Cultivation and Recruitment of Software Talent

Employee Health and Workplace Safety | Social Responsibility and Community Engagement

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Human Rights Policy
Human rights policy