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Industry Overview

The financial industry has experienced steady development and boasts a relatively complete system, including markets for banking, insurance, securities, investment trusts, and advisory services. Financial technology (FinTech) and digital financial services have successfully driven digital transformation, introducing financial products and services such as mobile banking, online banking, mobile payments, data analytics applications, and personalized wealth management (WM). The rise of open banking models, through data sharing and collaboration in financial services, breaks the traditional banks' closed nature, allowing different institutions to flexibly integrate and exchange data. This further expands the financial ecosystem, providing more innovative opportunities. However, simultaneously, issues such as compliance, cybersecurity, and risk management have become increasingly important.

Future Trend

FinTech will continue to drive the application of emerging technologies, including digital payments and artificial intelligence, aiming to achieve omnipresent financial services. Regarding green investments and climate risk management, environmental sustainability will become a focus for the financial industry. As digital finance expands, the security of financial data becomes even more critical. Strengthening cybersecurity and system stability will be crucial steps for financial institutions before going live. For example, implementing system software quality assurance and testing services, as done by WITS, ensures the stability of system operations.


WITS possesses extensive experience in providing information technology services for the financial industry, establishing close partnerships with clients. Not only do we deeply understand the challenges and opportunities in modern finance, but we also actively innovate alongside clients in financial technology services. We are dedicated to researching core technologies such as middleware, big data collection/cleansing/analysis, application of artificial intelligence, and the development and testing of sustainable service application systems. We provide clients with the following services and value.



Collaboration on core system and major digital banking digital transformation projects.


Domain Expert

Cultivating domain experts to provide consultation services for system transformation and analysis, as well as project development for new architectures.



Collaborating with clients to train and establish talent pipelines (providing learning environments and training programs) to address talent gaps and challenges of population decline.



Offering years of expertise in diverse specialized services and core application frameworks, including theme-based projects, enterprise middleware, microservices platforms (K8S, OCP, etc.), system refactoring, cloud Solutions, blockchain, internet finance, and green finance.



Establishment and process planning and implementation of SQA software testing, DevOps, and CI/CD Teams.



Collaborating with clients and OEMs of mainstream products in the market, expanding beyond Taiwan to provide specialized services in southeast asia.

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