Talent Cultivation

WITS (Wistron ITS) places great emphasis on employee growth, providing learning resources tailored to the needs of each talent and drawing a blueprint for the learning and development of every partner.

We have four major academies in general education, business, IT, and management. Regularly, external lecturers are invited to teach or internal colleagues share various functional training courses, enhancing employees' workplace skills, both soft and hard, as well as management abilities, further advancing towards their ideal career roles. With a growth mindset, you will have the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants and see the world.

We provide the following resources to encourage employees to continuously enrich themselves:

Annual education and training plans for each department and function

  • Tailored annual education plans using WITS College and e-Learning.
  • Job assessments and personalized development plans.
  • Subsidies for professional certification fees.
WITS College
Technical Learning Ecosystem

Open to all colleagues from various locations, WITS College helps enhance their technical skills and industry trend insights while increasing opportunities for technical exchange among each other.


WITS Labs Technical Community

Weekly sharing of 2-3 technical articles, industry news, or insightful workplace readings.


Software Engineering Arena

A bi-weekly Thursday night online sharing session for internal employees. With free registration and topic selection, it's an excellent opportunity to train presentation and expression skills.


Software Engineering Consultation Room

Monthly industry trend technical forums and speaker exchange events, such as RPA forums, ChatGPT lectures, etc.


Software Engineering Career Advancement

Quarterly career-related sharing sessions, like sharing 20 years of programming development experience.


Software Engineering Mini Weekend

Mini Weekend themed online technical courses, such as React.js front-end development, Node.js backend application design, etc.


Udemy Online Learning Platform

With no time or geographical constraints, thousands of courses are available for free learning. The company customizes and recommends courses based on career paths. Quarterly sharing sessions generously share learning and practical experiences.

Talent Development Program

WITS values talent development. Every year, we conduct an inventory of key positions and talents, identifying internal high performers or high-potential talents through performance and potential dimensions. For selected high performers or high-potential talents, based on their different professional backgrounds, we create tailored Individual Development Plans (IDP).

To cultivate future talents and succession teams, the company has established Talent Value Addition, Management Trainee, and ELP (Emerging Leader Program) training programs.


Talent Value Addition


In the Talent Value Addition program, for colleagues highly motivated in career development, we assist in creating individual development plans and launching personalized training through job suitability assessments, analysis, and interviews, realizing goals for position transitions or promotions.


Management Trainee


In the Management Trainee program, through a series of training, sharing activities, and guidance from senior executives, we encourage star talents to develop and rapidly progress internally.


ELP program

In the ELP program, a 90-day training plan is provided for new key talents. Through weekly/monthly/quarterly group thematic sharing and interaction, we assist in setting clear development goals. With the cooperation of department managers, senior mentors, and cross-department buddies, we jointly help newcomers adapt and succeed.


Career Development

In career development management, WITS has established different career paths, offering colleagues horizontal and vertical career development options. Additionally, we organize career development workshops, using a variety of career exploration and self-assessment tools to help colleagues expand their competencies and deepen their expertise.