A Message from Our CEO on ESG Strategy

WITS has shifted its focus from exclusively emphasizing steady growth in the company’s operations to establishing a collaborative partnership ecosystem for corporate sustainability.

In 2022, we established the Corporate Sustainability Committee, marking our commitment to supporting clients in achieving their strategic objectives for corporate sustainability through Information Technology (IT). This involves consistent investment in mainstream technology research, adhering to the highest level of delivery excellence, and exploring technical innovations with clients.

Our commitment extends into 2023 with the promotion of WITS 3.0 a five-year strategic plan. We aim to expand a global talent pool, emphasizing "Delivery Excellence for Client Success." From early talent training to ongoing development, we strive to stay current, fostering a value ecosystem with internal and external partners.

At WITS, we believe in a workplace where gender, age, and race do not hinder career growth. Instead, we embrace diversity and inclusion as integral parts of our corporate culture. We view diversity not only as a strength but also as a critical element in sustainable talent development.

Aligned with WITS core values—Client-Centric, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence—we stand as a trusted partner for clients, employees, and shareholders. Upholding these values strengthens the company’s operational resilience, enabling us to navigate change and embrace future opportunities.

Sustainability isn't just an initiative; it's at the core of all we do. Moving forward, we will continue working towards a cleaner and greener future, engaging our community, and collaborating with our clients to build a better world together.

SDG Goals
Environmental, Social, Economic

WITS is steadfast in its commitment to corporate sustainability, aligning closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


3. Good Health and Well-being

Ongoing Annual Blood Donation for Charity, Employee Health Check-ups/Health Seminars


4. Quality Education

Industry-Academia Collaboration Program


5. Gender Equality

Two Female Directors


7. Affordable and Clean Energy

Feasibility Assessment for the Addition of Solar Panels to Office Buildings


8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Providing High-quality Job and Employment Opportunities


9. Reduced Inequality

Release of Human Rights Policy


12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Maintaining Supplier Commitment, Optimizing Supplier Audit Mechanism


13. Climate Action

Earth Hour


15. Protecting the Wetlands

Protecting the wetlands