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Talent Enhancement Program
Management Trainee Program
Emerging Leader Program (ELP)
Social Engagement
Caring Collective
  • Mobilizing company colleagues to participate in blood donation activities.
  • Donating laptops to schools in remote areas.
  • Collecting second-hand items and organizing auctions, with proceeds and items donated to social welfare organizations.
  • Organizing beach and mountain cleanup activities.
  • Participating in social film screenings such as "Search for the Mythical Bird" and "Here Comes the Sichuan Pepper Fish."
STP (Seed Talent Program)

WITS participates in the "Seed Talent Training Program" organized by the Taiwan Corporate Directors Association, focusing on implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The program leads college and graduate students in project-based learning, with corporate mentors guiding students in understanding business operations and management.

In 2022, the theme was "WITS-DNA Carbon Reduction Practitioner," assisting group members in developing innovative plans and achieving carbon reduction results, ultimately receiving the Project Popularity Award. In 2023, WITS continues to initiate new projects, committed to establishing an 'International Talent Sustainable Ecosystem' to promote talent exchange and sharing.

Assistance to Rural Schools

Providing teaching resources to the Fuxing Mountain area in Taoyuan. WITS partners visited the remote mountainous area of Fuxing in Taoyuan in 2020, leading elementary school students in games and interactive crafts. IT professionals also demonstrated their expertise, teaching younger students computer drawing and older students programming for animation development.

Information Technology Course at Taitung Jiun-Yi Experimental High School. In 2022, the WITS team collaborated with Taitung Jiun-Yi Experimental High School to organize information technology courses and workshops. Three tailored courses were designed based on the students' learning environment and educational background: "Unlocking the IT Industry Encyclopedia" introduced emerging technologies; "Exploring Career Compass" used assessment tools to help students understand themselves, discover professional interests, and find suitable positions in the information industry; "Introduction to Global Perspectives" directly involved foreign colleagues working at WITS, sharing insights on adapting to different workplace cultures and becoming international talents.

University-Industry Cooperation Projects

WITS has signed memorandums of understanding with various universities, planning specialized training classes for industry-academia collaboration. These classes provide students with career development and employment counseling, as well as skills training for internships and employment, aiming to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Through collaboration, the company aims to create a platform for cultivating software talents and promote the sustainable development of IT talents.

Participating in the Ministry of Digital Affairs "T-Ambassador Program". The program combines government and corporate resources to plan courses, leading young people from different disciplines in practical work and cultivating cross-disciplinary digital transformation capabilities.