Our Work with Mac & iOS

Since 1996, Wistron ITS has been involved in the assessment and implementation of Mac & iOS localization projects. From Mac OS 8 to Mac OSX and iOS, we have completed more than 3,000 projects in partnership with our client.

Given our extensive experience with the localization of Mac and iOS, we are uniquely positioned and proud to present customers with reliable and experienced localization teams that are equipped to provide a wide range of translation and localization services.



  • Software Localization
    - Operating Systems (Mac OS & iOS)
    - iOS applications
    - Consumer applications
    - Professional applications
    - Developer tools
  • Localization Testing
    - Localizability assessment
    - Functional testing
    - UI testing
    - Linguistic testing
    - Region specific feature testing
  • Translation
    - Software user interface
    - Online assistance
    - Manuals
    - Tutorials
    - Marketing documents
  • Desktop Publishing
    - Layout
    - Artwork
    - Manual layout design
    - Document formatting

Our Advantages

  • Mac & iOS Cultural Experts
    Wistron ITS is familiar with all the features and terminology of Mac & iOS product lines, allowing your products to integrate well with Mac & iOS.
  • Highly Experienced Localization Teams
    Utilizing experience from our long-term partnerships with international brands, we have accumulated a wealth of business process and project management best practices which can maximize the value we deliver to clients.
  • One-Stop Service to Simplify Management
    Wistron ITS takes care of as many as 32 languages for Mac & iOS for languages throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle-East. We provide a one-stop service for clients, starting from the preparation of localization tools, all the way to string extraction, UI adjustment and testing. An online quotation system is also available for customers to reduce their time for price inquiry.