Choose WITS as Your IT and Software Services Provider for Several Compelling Reasons


In 2023, we underwent a significant transition, evolving our company logo from 'Wistron ITS' to 'WITS’.As a leading global IT services provider, WITS is dedicated to delivering comprehensive IT outsourcing and consulting services. This article highlights three key insights about WITS and why it stands out as your premier choice for IT and software services:

  1. The core industry sectors
  2. International talent ecosystem
  3. WITS aids clients in ESG market

Core Industry Sectors: Leading the Way in Digital Innovation with Professional IT Outsourcing and Consulting Services

WITS (Wistron ITS) : Targeting "Software and IT Consulting" Services

WITS (Wistron ITS) specializes in Software and IT Consulting Services, delivering key technologies and applications such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Services, IoT, and Information Security. WITS acts as a professional IT consultant, assisting clients in achieving excellence and success.

WITS (Wistron ITS) targets 6+2 key domains to precisely address your needs.

WITS (Wistron ITS) remains focused on promising industries and cultivating client relationships, including high tech, financial technology, health & life Sciences, semiconductor, automotive, and entertainment. These sectors will be our primary areas of focus.

WITS (Wistron ITS) excels in the realms of AI and cloud computing, delving deep into emerging technology markets.

WITS (Wistron ITS) excels in emerging technology markets, innovating in IT and ESG domains. We prioritize deep partnerships and offer reliable AI and cloud services. Our expertise extends to IT outsourcing, consulting, and software development, ensuring tailored solutions. We integrate intelligent tools to enhance operational efficiency and drive comprehensive digital innovation.

WITS (Wistron ITS) talent development strategy involves constructing an international talent ecosystem.

WITS (Wistron ITS) illuminates the career journey of software engineers.

WITS (Wistron ITS) prioritizes holistic employee growth by tailoring learning resources to individual needs and outlining a development plan for each member. To provide professional and high-quality IT outsourcing and consulting services, we continually assist employees in enhancing their skills. Through four academies in liberal arts, business, information, and management, we invite external experts and internal colleagues to teach diverse training courses, enhancing professional skills and management abilities company-wide.

WITS (Wistron ITS) actively cultivates international key talents.

While focusing on internal talent development, WITS (Wistron ITS) actively collaborates with industry, government, and academia to create comprehensive talent training programs specifically tailored for IT outsourcing and consulting. Through the sharing of knowledge and experiences, we aim to enhance the industry's professional perspective and foster more innovative and diverse talents with competitive capabilities.

International talent ecosystem: WITS’ Global Talent Localization

Currently, 80% of WITS (Wistron ITS) employees are located overseas. Due to our company's emphasis on local talent acquisition, we are committed to recruiting international talents and cultivating local teams. We believe that only by delivering excellence and building long-term trust with our clients can we continue to expand the multinational footprint of our IT outsourcing and consulting services.

In the ESG market, WITS (Wistron ITS) is committed to partnering for a better world.

WITS (Wistron ITS) fosters a workplace culture that respects diversity and promotes talent sustainability.

WITS (Wistron ITS) shatters the constraints of gender, age, and race within the corporate framework, fostering a diverse talent pool. This approach enables us to infuse the company and the IT outsourcing industry with a wealth of innovative perspectives.

WITS (Wistron ITS) is committed to integrating digital innovation with ESG.

In light of the increasing global focus on ESG trends, WITS (Wistron ITS) will leverage its own capabilities in software and IT consulting services to assist clients in implementing corporate sustainable resource management and digital transformation through digital solutions, seizing opportunities in the growing ESG market.

WITS (Wistron ITS) operates with integrity, achieving steady growth.

WITS (Wistron ITS) actively enhances the capabilities and diversity of its board of directors to achieve stakeholder consensus. In 2023, WITS (Wistron ITS) ranked in the top 5% of listed companies in corporate governance evaluations for the third time, and among the top 5% of listed companies with market capitalization ranging from 5 billion to 10 billion NT dollars.

Wistron Information Technology & Services (WITS) has solidified its position as a global leader in IT outsourcing services, renowned for its excellence in IT and software development techniques over the years. With a commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, WITS continues to set the standard for excellence in the industry.