Industry Overview

Assisting global clients with talent, expertise, and scale to advance industry innovation.


Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) require qualified and specialized talent. Wistron ITS has been partnering with CROs to provide the needed talent in Asia to develop new solutions and to help them enter new Asian markets. We are highly experienced in building and managing innovation teams and offshore development centers in Asia. The focus on quality is core to Wistron ITS’s success in building long-term relationships with CROs.

High Tech

Wistron ITS has been serving high tech clients in the US and Asia since 1992. That experience has given Wistron ITS the opportunity to help its clients solve some of their toughest problems, modernize their applications, create new business models, and reach new markets through cloud services (AWS, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud).


Connected cars, self-driving vehicles, and automotive innovations are just a few trends that are propelling the automotive industry forward. Wistron ITS has services to help automotive companies source and annotate image, video, text, and voice to enable the development of AI models.

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