Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholder Stakeholder Concerns for 2020 Communication Methods and Channels Communication Frequency Our Response Corresponding Chapters of Report
Customers Pricing Competitiveness /Service Quality /Timely delivery
  1. Hold regular business review meetings with clients
  2. Client satisfaction survey and response
  3. Client audit and client questionnaire response
  1. Quarterly or half-yearly
  2. Quarterly or half-yearly
  3. Per client's request
We proactively improve and respond to the issues identified by our customers and address these issues in our management process Client Satisfaction Management
Supply Chain Environmental and social responsibility to be provided by clients. Per client’s request In response to the client’s environmental and social responsibility requirements, including social responsibility management in the evaluation of new suppliers when introducing them, and have them sign relevant declarations. Supplier Management
Employees Statement of Operations Hold operational meetings and encourage management-level employee participation. Quarterly Regular operational meetings will allow for more direct communication and allow employees to understand the status of the company. Open Lines of Communication
Welfare Activity Planning, Budget Resolution, and Implementation The Taiwan Office set up an Employee Welfare Committee, which meets quarterly to resolve and implement the Welfare Committee's activity plans and budget. Quarterly Regular welfare committee meetings help keep the welfare committee's activity in check. Social Participation and Care
Employer-Employee Meeting Employees may offer feedback and express opinions on issues through their representatives at each unit Quarterly Ensure that employee opinions are heard and responded to by having representatives from each unit reflect upon the various opinions provided by employees. Open Lines of Communication
Supervisory Training Provide training to new supervisors according to the number of new supervisors of the year, so that new supervisors can quickly become familiar with their roles and responsibilities. Quarterly, depending on the number of new supervisors in the year Regular training for new supervisors so that they can quickly familiarize themselves with their duties and responsibilities and shorten the break-in period. Talent Cultivation and Career Development
Training and counseling for New Recruits
  • Newcomer training course arranged on the day of enrollment
  • OJT training within three months of employment
  • New employee job interview
  • New recruits will receive a one-day orientation program on the first day of employment and a follow-up questionnaire will be issued.
  • Conduct functional or OJT training program within three months to complete probationary assessment.
  • Client service representatives visit new recruits from time to time to realize their current.
  • The newcomer training period on the day of enrollment enables newcomers to fully understand the company and its mission.
  • Through professional training in various departments, newcomers are able to learn the job quickly and ensure quality of service.
  • Through individual interviews and the 8855 hotline, the company can.
  • Talent Cultivation and Career Development
    Supervisory Coaching and Communication Have a one-on-one conversation between the supervisor and colleagues in the unit to enhance the relationship and understanding between the supervisor and the subordinates Monthly Regular one-on-one interviews can promote the relationship between the supervisor and the subordinates
    Performance Communication During the audit, the supervisor and the employee should have an interview to let both the supervisor and the employee understand the status of the appraisal. Half-yearly Regular performance interviews are held so that both managers and colleagues can understand the direction of performance improvement.
    Employee Health Care Collaborate with health management centers or hospitals to conduct employee health checks Annually Offering annual health checks for all employees of the Company, allowing employees to fully grasp their health condition. Employee Health and Workplace Safety
    Suppliers Corporate Social Responsibility for Suppliers Supplier Meeting Annually Demand that suppliers comply with Wistron ITS' CSR goals Supplier Management
    Competitiveness of supplier prices, continuous and stable supply Supplier Meeting Annually Suppliers are required to meet price competitiveness and offer continuous and stable supply Supplier Management
    Shareholders/Investment Institutions Company Governance The Company's financial reports (quarterly/annual), the Company's annual fiscal report, corporate presentation, shareholders' meeting, investors' meeting, Public Information Bulletin significant information, corporate social responsibility report and the Company's website. Regular or as needed Continuous disclosure of corporate governance-related information to investors through the aforementioned communication channels Company Governance
    Financial performance and profitability Prepare financial statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS), analyze and explain the financial figures for each period. Economic Performance
    Business Strategy and Outlook/Industry Change Explain the company's medium- and long-term business objectives and investment strategy. Message from the Chairman
    Message from the CEO
    Authority of Securities Effectiveness and efficiency of operations Official Correspondence As Needed Comply with the requirements of the competent authorities and report regularly in accordance with the law.
    Reliable, up-to-date, transparent and regulatory compliant reporting Company Website and Market Observation Post System As Needed
    Compliance with relevant laws and regulations Questionnaire and Information Sessions As Needed
    Environmental and Charity Groups Environmental and Social Participation and Care Project Meeting As Needed Ongoing support or participation through mobilization of corporate volunteers
    Media Operational Performance, Corporate Governance, Sustainable Development Strategy Communicate and correspond through financial reports, presentations, company websites, press conferences, and press releases As Needed Provide information and explanations in an open and transparent manner.
    Directors (incl. Independent Directors) Operational Performance + Sustainable Development + Core Competitiveness Board of Directors Held 7 times in 2019 Provide the resolution for discussion on the company's website and in the annual shareholders' meeting report. Company Governance
    Independent Director Operational Performance + Sustainable Development + Core Competitiveness The Audit Committee Held 7 times in 2019 Provide the resolution for discussion on the company's website and in the annual shareholders' meeting report. Company Governance

    Note: The status of stakeholder communication has been reported in the Board of Directors on Dec. 21th, 2020.