ESG Report

2022 Wistron ITS ESG Report


About this Report

Honors in Sustainability | Key Performances | A Message from the Chairman & CEO

The Road to Sustainable Governance

Vision and Objective of Sustainable Development | The Structure and Operation of Sustainable Governance | Stakeholder and Key Issue Analysis (materiality) | Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder |Boundaries of Material Issues| Management Approach of Material Issues

Operation and Governance

Company Profile |Primary Services |Global Locations| Economic Performance| Participation in External Organizations| Corporate Governance| Risk management| Information Management | Customer Privacy

Innovation and Partnerships

Innovation and Service |Customer Service |Sustainable Management of Suppliers

Environment Friendly

Environmental Management and Regulation Compliance | Energy Management| Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management | Water Resource Management | Waste Management

Friendly Workplace and Social Engagement

Sustainable Talent Development | Friendly Workplace | Talent Cultivation and Career Development | Cultivate and Recruit Software Talent | Employee Health and Workplace Safety | Social Engagement

GRI Correspondance Table

SASB Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

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