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From Our CEO

Beginning in 2023, WITS initiated a 5-year strategic plan, WITS 3.0, to address the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of this digital era. Embracing the spirit of "Delivery Excellence for Client Success," we are committed to establishing a client-centric value ecosystem.

Our strategic focus revolves around three key aspects: "Talent," "IT Infrastructure Development," and "Mastering Mainstream Technologies." Through these initiatives, we aim to empower our clients, contribute to their success, and embody the principles of sustainable business values.

About WITS

WITS (Wistron ITS) is a leading global IT services provider with 17 locations in Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, and the United States, employing over 10,000 staff members. WITS serves more than 150 cities worldwide, catering to global Fortune 500 companies and clients globally.

WITS adopts a cross-regional integration and global delivery development model. Its services encompass research, development, testing, operations and maintenance, business process outsourcing, and product globalization services. WITS is continually moving forward in partnership with our clients and the market and is deeply involved in advanced technology applications in areas such as AI, big data, financial technology, IoT, 5G, and healthcare.


Ching Hsiao, holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Purdue University in the United States and possesses a rich and comprehensive background in the software industry.

Chairman and CEO
Ching Hsiao

Yu-Chen Chang has previously served as the Financial Director of WITS (Wistron ITS) and as the Head of Finance at Wistron Information Technology & Services’ South China factory. Skilled in corporate operational analysis, financial and tax planning, and the development of financial professionals, Yu-Chen leads her team in providing professional financial and tax support.

Senior Vice General Manager
Phoebe Chang

Over the past 20 years, Ivan Chen has held consultancy and HR management roles at Willis Towers Watson, Mercer, Lenovo, Hudson, and Ferring.

Vice General Manager
Ivan Chen

Yu-Hsiang Yang has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, boasting both profound technical expertise and business development skills.

Executive Vice General Manager
Yu-Hsiang Yang

Jian-Min Liu has held senior executive positions at the Information Industry Development Association and TopuYu Technology International Co., Ltd. He has amassed extensive experience in internet finance, e-commerce, information industry market research, banking information systems, software engineering, and outsourcing business development.

Senior Vice General Manager
Jian-Min Liu

Jing-Yuan Sai previously worked at UTStarcom (China) Co., Ltd. In 2005, Jing-Yuan Sai joined WITS (Wistron ITS) as the HR Director of the Dalian branch.

Vice General Manager
Jing-Yuan Sai

Chun-Hui Hsu has over 20 years of experience in software development and services in sectors such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Vice General Manager
Chun-Hui Hsu

Yang-Bo Liu has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Starting as a core development programmer in banking, he has progressively climbed to the position of head of the technical team, gaining extensive experience in industries such as banking, insurance, and manufacturing.

Vice General Manager
Yang-Bo Liu

David Yan has held senior executive positions in renowned companies such as the Information Industry Development Association, TopuYu Technology International Co., Ltd., and subsidiaries of the TECO Group.

Vice General Manager
David Yan

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Established product globalization services and relationships with global software leaders
Rebranded to Wistron ITS, established business direction, and expanded international business development
Listed on OTC (Over-the-Counter) market in Taiwan and became Taiwan's top IT outsourcing services provider
Implemented WITS 2.0 and grew revenue with a five-year CAGR of 23%
Implementing WITS 3.0, advancing "Delivery Excellence for Client Success", and renaming from Wistron ITS to WITS with employee count surpasses 10,000
Award & Certification
TSAA Taiwan Sustainable Action Award
Employment and Economic Growth Bronze Award
Sustainable Goal SDG8
Corporate Governance Evaluation
Ranked in the top 5% of OTC companies
& Top 5% in the small and medium market value group
IT Matters Awards
Best Employer Award
Talent in Taiwan
Selected for the 2022 Best Talent Acquisition Team
(5,000-10,000 employees)
Capability Maturity Model Integration
CMMI Level 5
Quality Management Systems
GHG Emissions Inventories and Verification
Environmental Management Systems
Occupational Health and Safety Managemet Systems
IT Service Management System
Business Continuity Management System
Information Security Management Systems
SDLC (Safe Software Development Lifecycle)